Финансовые термины в английском языке

Финансовые термины
Английский язык – это не только язык международного общения, зная который, вы не пропадете, находясь в любой точке мира, будь то Европа или Азия; это также язык бизнеса и финансов.

Давайте изучим некоторые банковские термины, которые могут очень пригодиться не только в деловом английском, но и в повседневной речи, ведь банки, кредиты, кредитные истории и прочие финансовые термины стали неотъемлемой частью повседневной речи.

Некоторые финансовые термины:

Assets – equipment, machinery, property, etc. that have value to the company

Overheads – general running costs of a business

Liabilities – sums of money that the company has to pay out (taxes, debt, salaries, etc.)

Balance sheet – the financial statement that shows how the company is doing at a particular time

Inventory – list of materials used for production

Liquidity – having money; cash or things that can easily be turned into cash

Cash flow – money moving through the company

Insolvent – not able to pay out any money

Invoices – a bill; something that must be paid

Wiped out – make lower

Ledger – record of the financial transactions of a company

Turnover – amount of money a company makes in a fixed period of time

Receipts – records of money paid out for services

А теперь проверьте, насколько хорошо вы поняли термины, выполнив задание. Замените выделенные жирным шрифтом фразы на изученные банковские термины.

DashDot.com bankruptcy?

Share prices for computer giant DashDot.com were 1) reduced to zero on Wall Street this morning after reports that the company had 2) not enough cash problems.

“If the company goes on like this, they will be 3) not able to pay out any money very soon,” said an industry expert. “There seems to be a problem in DashDot.com with sending out 4) pieces of paper with the costs for a service to customers quickly enough. Because of this, the 5) money coming in and going through the company is all one way – out!”

Experts also believe that DashDot.com must reduce their 6) general business costs such as rent, electricity, telephones and so on. Some executive even have saunas and fitness centers in their offices apparently!

One 7) valuable piece of property or equipment that they will have to sell is the company jet, and they must also reduce the 8) materials that they have in their warehouses as quickly as possible. Shareholders must hope that there aren’t too many 9) financial costs listed in the year-end 10) record of all business transactions.

Проверьте себя! Вот ответы: 1) wiped out; 2) liquidity; 3) insolvent; 4) invoices; 5) cash flow; 6) overheads; 7) assets; 8) inventory; 9) liabilities; 10) balance sheet.

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