Какими качествами и навыками обладает хороший переводчик?

Какими качествами и навыками обладает хороший переводчик?
В нашем взаимосвязанном мире все большую популярность набирает профессия переводчика, что и неудивительно: страны пытаются как можно теснее взаимодействовать друг с другом для более успешного ведения бизнеса.

Каждый год языковые ВУЗы выпускают тысячи переводчиков и филологов, но задумывались ли вы какие качества и навыки делают обычного переводчика незаменимым?

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What kind of qualities and characteristics make a good translator?

Before speaking about qualities and characteristics of good translator/interpreter I’d like to separate and give definitions of these concepts.

Translator – it is who translate in writing form.

Interpreter — it is who translate in oral form.

Translators and interpreters divide into subgroups:

Translators can be: translators of technical literature and fiction.

Interpreter can be: simultaneous and successive.

Every of them have its own peculiarities.

But sure there are some common rules; I mean qualities that have been possessed by all translator/ interpreter.

  • Ability to use office equipment (phone and fax machine, computers,  software and hardware, stationery,  and dictionaries.

I know very few translators who are not using computers to do their business. It seems that translations hewn in stone or written on papyrus are no longer acceptable. In fact, agencies won’t even consider working with you unless you have a reasonably current computer system, including a good printer and fax/modem.

  • The translator should possess serious knowledge of language, to know its lexicon, stylistics, morphology and so on.
  • Communicative;
  • Considerate.

Interpreter  has to possess the following qualities:

  • Good diction;
  • Presentable appearance;
  • Stability of stress;
  • Sense of humour;
  • Quick wit ("Ladies and gentlemen, — he has told, — now the orator has told absolutely untranslatable joke, but I think that to him it will be pleasant, if you laugh". In a hall the laughter of the listeners who have sympathized the poor translator ").
  • Ability to overcome blanks in the knowledge by means of common sense and the general erudition.
  • Good memory — Should understand, remember and translate heard practically simultaneously with the speaker.
  • Good health – very stressful procedure
  • Should be able to fix quickly in writing form the most difficult moments (dates, names, names, the facts) – fast writing.
  • To be the good psychologist: to understand nonverbal ways of communication (gestures,  mimicry).
  • Ability to collects the information on the person or group of people which it is necessary to translate, about their activity; makes a glossary of new words and terms.
  • The translator-sinhronist should be partly the Encyclopaedist. To be competent of different areas, he should be interested sincerely in everything that occurs in the world ".

Какими качествами и навыками обладает хороший переводчик?


  • Thoughtfulness;
  • Diligence;
  • Ability to abstract.

Translator of  belles-lettres:

  • Should own literary skill;
  • To love authors with whom works. Mechanically, without soul the translated book, a film hardly seriously will hook on the reader or the spectator.

Translator of technical literature:

  • To be the good expert in any branch — Therefore more often technical translators specialize in that area in which have got education. That is lawyers knowing a foreign language translate legal texts, physicians — medical.
  • To possess certain literary or editorial gift.
  • Understanding of a problem essence.

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